The Reconnection©

Far back in time, the Meridian lines of of our body were connected to the Leylines of Planet Earth. These are energetically connected to the whole Cosmos.

Our body holds its own points and lines. Though only remnants of these are still active, they act as an interface by adapting to the Universe: Like a channel between Microcosm and Macrocosm, The Universe and mankind.

Within time we got separated from almost all of our Meridian/ Leylines. We lost our connection to the abundance of the Universe and moved away from our expansion into evolution.

thereconnectionThese Leyline connections are called “axiatonal” lines. Researched in the book ” THE KEYS OF ENOCH” by J.J.Hurtak for the first time in the year 1973. Paragraph 3.1.4 and 3.1.7 in this book describe “the Reconnection”, as well as our ability to reconnect to “ADAM KADMON”, the origin of our image. Adam Kadmon means also the Cosmical Human Being spread all over the Universe.

Axia, axis: Grid, Structure,
Tonal Tonus : Frequency, Vibration, Sound and Light-information.

Axiatonal: frequencies, energy, light and information are flowing through the Grid Structure /- Net.

“The Reconnection” activates the “sleeping points” and lines in our body and connects them permanently to the Axiatonal Lines which are connected to the Earth Gridnet and further with the Universe.

If these lines are activated, an immense communication between us and the Light Grid will be possible ( light and information). The human being integrates his ” new ” DNA- strands and strings again. They provide him with a huge universal nervous system. Therefore, we as humans get access to an enormous system of communication with Creation, so that we are able to proceed with our own evolution.

For a better understanding: We now hold a permanent Micro-and Macrocosmic W-Lan system at our service.

Reconnection is for everyone who wants to find his/her own true self and the personal mission in life. It requires two days (one following the other) The length of each session will be around 60 minutes. The balance for both sessions together will be € 333.-