Reconnective Healing

You are being asked to lay down comfortably and close your eyes.
Just listen and feel.

I am in the here and now moment. The door opens: energy, information and light is flooding through you.


The Universal Intelligence, wisdom and love is getting in touch with you and fine-tuning you. Just the way you would fine-tune an instrument into its harmonic resonance.

This flooding keeps spreading all over your being. Body, mind, soul and spirit proceed to get into balance, vitality, health and well being. Your selfhealing- and regulation processes are getting empowered.

Every session is very special, and everything is possible.
It is a meeting between you and your origin, your home.

Your heart carefully opens up: peace, joy, abundance and love are flooding through you. Sometimes tears may roll down, dissolving something.

Old things may get wiped away. Just be, feel your self, your essence. I AM.

The most efficient way leading you into this new way of Be -ing we recommend several sessions close to each other. You’ll find out for yourself, what is the best set up for you.

Anytime when new challenges or life changes are pushing you out of balance, you can have some more Reconnective Healing Sessions. Softly and efficiently will you be guided back into balance, into your core being.




You are welcome to visit me in my Practice room in Stuttgart –
Or enjoy a distant healing from your home.

The balance of one session is: € 99.-