What is so special about Reconnective Healing?

Reconnective Healing is not a technique. It is an opening up to the frequencies of the Universe, bringing in coherence and vitality. These high frequencies correspond with our natural state of being. During the healing session the Practitioner starts to correlate with the client. The client is being flooded and experiences natural Light frequencies. The client begins to remember the Light, his natural state of being, and proceeds to regulate himself and gets into balance. The Light and information are being directed to the parts of the body where change is needed. The practitioner is only witness and observer of the process between the client and the Universe.

Personal words by Eric Pearl: “Light is our natural state of being. Just imagine yourself being a candle. The candle doesn’t try to convince other candles. The candle simply shines. It is an emotional, spiritual, mental and physical process. The Practitioner is not able to hinder the Elegant Healing of Light and information that keep flooding through the body of the client. The Practitioner is the Catalyst / the door opener. He leaves everything up to the forces that created mankind. Healing by grace”

Is it possible to receive a distant Reconnective Healing?

Yes, Reconnective Healing works beyond time and space. The continuous energy of Light and information originates from an non local level, a field that is not restricted to time and space.

The client is showered with the wave spectrum of Light, energy and information.

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Each first Monday of the month between hrs. 22.00 until 22.10 you are being invited to feel Reconnective Healing Frequencies. Some Practitioners of the German Reconnection Union (reconnection-verband.de) agreed to connect with the Reconnective Healing frequencies. It all started with an emergency case and resulted successfully. Ever since we proceeded to connect with the frequencies on a regular base.

What is required of you to do?
Just sit or lay comfortably down and open up and take a bath with the frequencies of energy, light and information.

Dates for Healing meditations, every first Monday a month (2018): 6th of August, 3rd of September, 1st of October, 5th of November, 3rd of December.

What means Light and Information?

In 1970, Prof.Dr.Fritz Albert Popp discovered, that DNA (Cell code) from all living organisms receives and sends light. Prof.Dr. Popp is the founder of the knowledge of Biophotons. Biophotons exist within all living beings. The living system functions entirely through the intake of light and the giving off light. It is the regulator and coordinator of all essential information, for all species alive. Light and information is the basis for a healthy smooth functioning organism. Illness occurs whenever that light and information system is disturbed.

Vector illustration of futuristic abstract glowing background resembling motion blurred neon light curves

What is science exploring?

The result of scientific exploration concluded, that the effects of Reconnective Healing are remarkable. Eric Pearl is closely working with most prestigious scientists from all over the world. (Dr. William Tiller, Dr. Gary Schwartz,
Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and more). You are welcome to do your own research on this subject, if you wish to do so.

It’s worth it!

What is the difference between Reconnective Healing and Reconnection?

Reconnective Healing
The client is being showered with an all encompassing wave spectrum that contains energy, light and information.
This, as a result balances you out and gets you into a harmonious state.
The Universe provides the client exactly with the adequate amount of wholeness, harmony and balance,
what he is able to take in at the given moment of the session.
We recommend Reconnective Healing up to three sessions.


The Reconnection
You are being re-connected to the energetic Leylines (Acupuncture lines) of Planet Earth and the Cosmos.
The human being is being connected to the grand system of the Cosmic Light Grid. This leads you to your true essence
and your own potency. He is now part of an enormous light and information network, which provides him
from then on. The Reconnection is only done once a lifetime and beholds two sessions within two consecutive days.

What about the pricing?

I had exactly this question going to the teaching course.
Eric Pearl considers this delicate topic with great care.
He calls it : “fair financial exchange“.

In our society we measure worth mainly with a generous pricing. Low pricing or free of charge services, very often lose their respect and appreciation. Mainly because the common collective measurement system dictates these guidelines.


Comparing the Reconnection with other services in daily life I can say honestly, the pricing is fair for what the client receives. In case someone would be in urgency and hasn’t got the amount of money, be sure we find a solution to it.

One Reconnective Healing session costs 99 Euro and The two Reconnection sessions together have an internationally
fixed price to the 333 vibration within each specific currency of the country. In Germany the fees are 333 €.

Is there a guarantee to be healed?

Nobody is able to give any guaranties. Everyone is so special, by having his/her own history, challenges and tasks on life. The Practitioner is not in any position to guaranty full healing.


What is the significance of healing?

To complete something again, finding back to your wholeness.
Bringing back and reintegrating that, what was separated or in disharmony before, into a greater context and coherence.
This is about connection, resonance, consciousness and identity.

The Practitioner is in a higher state of being during the session.
Like a burning candle, which is glowing.
He IS light, therefore the client may sense he IS light as well.

Sun, blue sky and ocean

Reconnective Healing / The Reconnection offers a re-connection to the cosmical Life forces and their origin from a wholesome point of view.

As we do not only have a body, but a soul, a spirit (and maybe some more parts?) it is not easy to grasp
all of the human being’s Wholeness with our limited consciousness.
Therefore Reconnection is not aiming at the clients dis-ease symptoms, but leaves healing up to the Forces who created us.

Observing creation and nature, it is supplied with health, wisdom and abundance.
Somehow only us humans walked away from them. We are an open system and are able to reconnect
with them again as offspring of the Source, which created us.


Eric Pearl: “It’s time to come HOME.

But how exactly this Home-coming process is going to be is as unique and different as each human being.
As humans we are free and therefore responsible for our life.

Creation supplies us with Nature, Health, Wisdom and Abundance.

Over time, we went away and forgot the abundance of “all that is”
By reconnecting we are always able to connect with our source, our Creation, we are part of it.

As humans, we are free and therefore responsible for our life.

The Universal Love of God is forever here to meet you.
What about you?