My Own Reconnection

After my second and final Reconnection session in Hamburg 2011 I walked home to my hotel. Each step I took I felt being grounded. I experienced the life stream running down the legs into my feet. Earth was no more uncomfortable and hard, cold, flat and dense, – but alive, full of soul and entrenched with warmth, life and love.

Behind me, inside and above my upper back- and head area I felt my spititual team. Obviously it was always there – but I never perceived it before then – only in extreme emergency situations.

Since always my left side of the body was more dull and less free compared to my right side – now it adjusted more to the right side. Therefore all kinds of emotions and feelings came in, I normally did not give permission to come in and feel. Even my style of clothing changed: all of a sudden I enjoyed experimenting with noble materials, shapes and accessoires. I was thrilled wearing more female robes, skirts, dresses, some Make up and fitting shoes.

I felt more wholesome, richer and very clear. Old things I only needed to shake off and they were gone. I felt as if I finally was able to say YES to life. I did not have to apologize any more that I existed – in fact with joy and new gained self love I got to continue my path.

earth grids

This was my experience, indeed. Every human being is going to have its own experience on that. He will picked up exactly from the place where he stands at the moment. The permanent ” cosmical W-Lan ” connection brings an acceleration of your own evolution. I am very fascinated when I give the Reconnection and get to see the immediate effect on the person on the spot. As well as reading client feedbacks afterwards, how they experienced their change about themselves.

Obviously something accelerates within the person: more consciousness, more light and clarity – accompagnied as well by vitality, flexibility, lightness and aliveness. There is another phenomenen also, I seem and I AM younger and more youthful now than as I was before. The same goes for my collegues and the people who took the Reconnection. Before you spend money on expensive cremes against wrinkles, Botox injections or face lifting – better try to take your own Reconnection.