I am at all times ready and lovingly willing to advise and help every Reconnective Healer Practitioner. Please give me a phone call or send me an e-mail. Together we will find a solution to your questions.


Credentialing: In order to get you certificate as Reconnection practitioner, which is valid for two years, you need to do a credentialing. You should show the relevant points and lines of the body precisely and accurately. Therefore you need to practice before the credentialing. In case there are some insecurities or questions it is advisable to take a mentoring session or refresher course before hand. We need a living model to practice on as well, which you have to bring with you. You can also come with other practitioners who need credentialing. Please don’t forget your drawings. The fixed costs for the credentialing are 45 Euros ( ca. 20 minutes ).

Personally I am giving presentations and go to exhibitions as well. Should you be interested in my presentation, please call me. You would have to organize the location.

I am very happy to realize, that more and more people here in Germany are wanting to become a Reconnective Healing Practitioner. Thank you from my heart in spreading and multiplying these wonderful, soothing and healing frequencies of energy, light and information.

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Reconnective Healing Online Course

Level I – Online Kurs

Click here:

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Fees: 272, 43 Euro

O.N.E.  ( Online Essentials & A Live Immersion Weekend in Leipzig )

12th – 14th of October 2018

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Up to 31st of July : 1020 Euro. 1st of August – 10th of October: 1150 Euro.

Any more questions? Call me  + 49 (0)711 / 933 076 14 or