Experience Reports

Hello Brigitte

I am still surprised about the positive effect after the Healing session. So far I don’t need any more Allergy pills at all. My arm doesn’t ache any more and starting signs of flue attacks seem to dissipate before they break out for good.
Anita B. aus Freiberg
Well, if someone ask me what change to me after the reconnection healing, I could say that something change. After two months and a half I feel more about what I am, I feel more….. me. I could say that I am more grounded, more calm -OK not at all calm- and more optimistic, although I live in a very strange period, as I am unemployment for one and a half year now. But, anyway, I feel more love for everything and I feel more….me. And I believe that there are many things yet that could happen with me. From me… to me.
And for sure I can say that now I feel the real joy of being an indivisible part of the Earth, of  Life. And I felt it… on the air… just a few hours from our sessions, when I was flying from Stuttgart to Thessaloniki. As I was sitting in my plane seat, I felt suddenly that I am in a straight line with Earth and Sky. It was a very emotional feeling, like I am a very new person born now or at the same time like I am a very old person, born thousand years ago.
                                                                                    Periklis G, Thessaloniki ( Greece )
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For years I was fighting my overweight, which didn’t want to go, despite all diets I went through. After the first Healing Session I felt as if old baggage fell off, which I carried all my life. Indeed pounds fell off for real as well without going through any diets. I felt more in tune with myself and my metabolism accelerated. After the second and third session my body was flooded with so much energy and life force, the old weariness and exhaustion I was used to were gone – for good – until now. As I perceive my body completely different than before and more comfortable my eating habits changed as well: I am more aware what I eat and go with my natural instinct or belly wisdom. My body knows what’s good, what’s not and ( most of the time.. ) I go with it. Thanks a lot for this experience and I wish more people such a kind of ( self – ) healing experience as mine.                                                                                                    Ursula B. aus Obertürkheim


Dear Brigitte,

I am so grateful finding you. Since your Reconnective Healing Sessions my partner is liberated. He was stuck with demoralising thoughts and worries, with anger, dissatisfaction and inner lonliness in a neverending vortex. He was in a very bad condition and when I found you I just knew your love would help him. He received three distant healing sessions while he was sleeping without his knowing – it was a gift. Immediately after the first session I could see how much lighter he felt. He was whistling, singing and played around again. The last session ended about six weeks ago and since then I notice him gaining more lightness and growth in a continous way. You helped him to get access to himself and to free himself from the vortex which isolated him from everybody. He is full of joy and peace, he radiates a positive, clear and calm attitude and he is open again to his friends, family and new thought patterns. I thank you so much and am thrilled getting healing sessions from you as well.                                                                  Lisa S. aus Rottweil

Right after my first healing session my back pains that I suffered for decades, had completely disappeared. I felt being light and lifted up. Just the way I remember, as a child. During the second session I experienced my body being flooded. The colours of light that I saw were a lot more intensive. Different to the colours I see with my eyes open. The third session had been beautiful. I got the feeling of being lifted up and sheltered, my heart just opened up wide. Ever since that I know, that I am not alone. There is a higher power and source loving me. Dear Brigitte, from my heart I want to thank you so much for your tender, empathic, light and loveable kind of working. It has been an overall wonderful experience that changed my life.
Erika P. from Boeblingen


My son is a typical ADHD child. Life for him is very hard with himself, at school and with us, his family. We dragged him from therapist to therapist, nothing helped really. A friend of mine talked to me, she went to you and told me about your work and Reconnective Healing. Our first phone call was very warm and coming from your heart. I felt being understood. You honestly explained, that you don’t know which way the change would occur to my son. You said: “I am only the door opener, and Benjamin will be flooded with the frequencies. Those frequencies find their way wherever they are needed most. All is possible, it’s just like a meeting between your son and God the Creator. I really couldn’t imagine all this? We made an appointment anyway. We agreed to a distant healing when Benjamin would be asleep. The following morning there was a complete change in him. The expression on his face was relaxed, his movements even were more harmonious and more coordinated. Even he kept sitting still at the breakfast table (usually he is restless and twitching around) and was looking forward to go to school. He even kissed me goodbye. Ever since Benjamin changed. He is a lot more balanced, self secure, and his concentration is improving. It’s much more easy for him now to go to sleep. I have the feeling that he is surrounded by a nourishing bubble. Benjamin agrees to that. There is no way to thank you enough, dear Brigitte. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Sabine M. from Kirchheim / Teck


Dear Brigitte,
Your Distant Healing Session was incredible! I could feel when it started right away. You know, my work and life are very stressfull and I am really struggling to keep things together. During the session it felt as if all the pressure and stress got taken away from me and my body and I was able to breath freely and widely. All over my body it tingelt and electricity flushed through as if all sorrow and worries got flushed out. Since then I recognize I do not have to put myself under that old pressure any more – I can pick the best work options for me. I do not have to run in the hamster wheel any more. Yes, and it works! I am in a good place and things change around me. I have more time for myself and my family. I am more happy, at ease and joyful. Thank you so much for this amazing gift! All yours,
Fernando from Sao Paolo

After my second Reconnection session, I felt clarity, stillness and power. Never before did I have such an experience. As I was sitting on your couch I realized, that all what had happened didn’t matter any more and was irrelevant: All thoughts, fears, insecurities, worries….. I AM. That’s it! Thank you for all,
Reinhard P. from Frankfurt


I was able to experience the frequencies at your exhibition stand. They touched me right away and kept flooding my body, Pure love, pure light, -no hoax. The three Reconnective Healing sessions were of life importance for me. I got the feeling of being at home and sheltered and realised, that I am loved. Only I stood in my way. During these three days I was blessed to experience a complete change, by being relaxed and just let it be. I am so much looking forward to my Reconnection sessions next week.
Janine B. from Stuttgart

My mother passed away peacefully. The two distant healings helped her finding her peace. Her face relaxed, she even smiled. She saw Angels and Jesus Christ waving at her… She just followed them lightly and peacefully.
Hartmut R. from Esslingen


Both Reconnection Sessions gave me the feeling that I am reconnected now to my home. I was very impressed reading for the first time about Reconnection and the Axiatonal lines in the book by J.J.Hurtak “The KEYS of Enoch” I just couldn’t imagine how this would work or feel like and that it simply could happen within two sessions? Now, after the sessions, I feel strong, stable, back to Earth, more awake and very clear towards myself and others. I am able to feel the energies flowing through my body, getting recharged, structured and in coherence. My regular colds are gone! I am getting feedback not only from my girlfriend but as well from my colleagues, telling me that I am much more friendly and balanced now, what I can affirm myself. My panic attacks are gone. I am more in correspondence with my inner self, with my thoughts and feelings. All of that had been frozen in ice. Now that the ice is melting I’m learning to honor and value my life more. I often get the feeling of gratefulness and joy for everything that had happened and that what is in the NOW moment. It’s difficult finding the correct words for that state of being. I to thank you for giving me The Reconnection and Sabrina, my girlfriend will soon make an appointment.
Benjamin L. from Sillenbuch

Dear Brigitte,

Thank you for the Distant Healing Session. I feel like a child again coming back to my joy and playfulness. What happened all those decades? Now that I found ALIVE ME me again I can’t loose it no more. This is too precious. I am so grateful. Thank you, my Dear one.
Sharon G. from New Hampshire


After the healing session, my cat Lilly felt so much better. Her stomach cramps began to get milder and vanish, – now they are completely gone. She eats well again, is funny and playful. Thank you from my heart, my dear!
Marianne C. from Filderstadt



Dear Brigitte,
Since I took The Reconnection sessions by you: From then on I know, what I want in most of the cases. I can define myself more precisely and therefore express myself firm and accurate. I keep staying with my opininion, despite the other person’s different opinion. Situations I can preceive and see through easier now and I recognice, whether involved manipulation takes place, which I state clearly also. Whether the counterpart likes it or not – what origines from my inner clarity, I stand firmly on the ground and that’s what works well for me always.
From your information I bought the book A Course in Miracles and lateron The Disappearance of the Universe. These two books are the basis for spirituality to me. No more other spiritual books are necessary. These two books clear up so much and lead to inner peace. The Holy Spirits voice guided me to you in a wonderful way. I thank for everything with my full heart, what I received through you, and wishing you being a light and guidepost for many people on their way home. With love and gratefullness,
Anna H. from Eislingen


You gave me emergency help immediately after my fall, until the ambulance came to bring me to the hospital. Even though my right wrist of my hand was broken, I didn’t feel any pain – your subtile hand movements without touching my body (!), somehow pulled out the pain. I could feel, how it worked on the injured spot. Even the doctors at the hospital were surprised my condition and overall state of mind was so balanced and peaceful. Now everything is healed in a shortest time frame, so for me ( including the doctors ) it is like a miracle. Many thanks for the instant help, you are like an angel for me!                                             Gertrud M. aus Schorndorf 


Some time ago through you I came in contact with ” The Reconnection” and “Reconnective Healing”. So far I can describe my impressions the following way: Eric Pearl’s statement got confirmed by me, we don’t need to add another one of these numerous energetic healing methods. Indeed, Reconnection connects the human being directly to the original field of healing in a subtle and experiencable process as well. On many levels the person can feel this field’s healing and harmonising influence. Therefore one’s view can open up to the recognition, that healing does not occur separat from the individual person. Actually, the human being gets the opportunity to find the way back to his inner most core and experience physically, he himself is the healing. This occurence goes beyond the average ways of methodical thinking, therefore it suits the new times very well. Indeed Reconnection offers various incentives for research beyond the topic of physical and psychological healing, but how these new frequencies can be applied for the wellbeing of our planet also. May many people become part of this liberating experience. I greet you with the best wishes for your continous activities.                Dr.Horst Z. from Fichtenau                                              

It’s about one month after I received my Reconnection from you. And lately I had the urge to let you know what happened within me. The first days after The Reconnection I couldn’t have told you, whether I noticed any change about me or not. May be I was to excited what is going to happen, that I didn’t notice anything else than this excitement :). So I continued my normal daily life.                 The first thing I noticed (consciously) was not so nice, but necessary to know. On a weekend trip I recognized my conflict in the relationship with my father. Despite me working for years on my inner attitude towards my father all of my supressed anger broke out on this particular weekend. Therefore I understood the root of my right sided problems ( paresthesia and pain ). So far I only knew my right side shows me there is an imbalance between my inner male und female parts. Now I  understood my problem is a bit more concrete – the conflict between my Daddy and me. At the same time I acknowledged how much I am not only in conflict with my father, but basically with a very exposing dominant men’s world. ( There are men, which I really like though 🙂 ) I was aware I have a very strong problem with the male force, having a suppressing and abusing effect on all. I am not in peace at all with the male principle, as I don’t know its natural peaceful character and at the same time I try to fight myself through life like a man, not having discovered my female power yet and having it stunt without living it. Now I realize how come my belly energies still sleep. I haven’t made use of them. Never ever did I consider my femininity as  potential for strength, as creation power. All I did was my inner me going against the suppression and weakening against women. At the same time I tried to put myself on a equal scale with the male principle without ever recognizing the power of the female principle or embracing it. During a Reconnective Healing Session you perceived both my legs still in a sleeping mode. Now I understood how come I barely have a connection to Mother Earth, because I barely have a connection to the Mother/ the Woman, to the Source of Creation power within me. And this is going to change now 🙂                                                   So far I have no clear imagination how to assimilate the female power in a practical way, but the process of gaining the knowledge touched me deeply. I am glad, I got some more puzzle pieces within the picture, so I can begin to re- animate my female power and make peace with the male principle at the same time.

Also after some time I see, I enjoy more and more the sensations I feel with my hands, when I play and experiment with them. I try not to sense something any more with any kind of intention, what effect I want to achieve, but just to sense and feel only. I like the most, feeling the energies of my little son. Children are still so sensitive. The instant I feel some tingling in my hand I notice his reaction simultaneously on him (e.g. trembling). Even my partner, being very sceptical about anything not physical, not explainable with the intellect feels when I “play” with my hands.                                                                                          Annika L. aus Herrenberg