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Reconnection means to connect again something, which originally belonged together.

We are in a phase, where we get to rediscover our own divinity and abundance. It’s no more about working hard and pulling up the sleeves – actually it’s time to hold on, to wait….and allow stillness to arise. New spaces are opening up, where all possibilities and potentials are smiling at you. Peace, health, harmony, abundance, joy and love accompany them.

This is, what happened to me and I really want to share it with you, so you can have your own unique experience.

From my heart,

Brigitte Würtele

Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection are possibilities, to reconnect with the greater Wholeness. I AM.

The comprising “Reconnective Healing Spectrum”, consists of energy, light and information. Their effect leads to more order ( coherence ), regulation and balance to the entire human being ( body, soul, mind & spirit). In many cases the body cells building plan ( DNA ) gets harmonized and repaired as well.

With “Reconnective Healing”® you get entrenched with frequencies having a balancing, harmonizing, wholesome and vitalizing effect. Imagine an instrument which is out of tune for a long time. It sounds weird and uncomfortable. Now it’s getting fine tuned again. The sound is rich, pleasing and soothing. We humans are build like such an instrument exactly. The Practitioner allows the Universal Intelligence, Love and Wisdom to do the fine tuning.

“The Reconnection”® reconnects the body’s acupuncture/ meridian-points and lines to the Ley lines around the earth. These again are part of the bigger network of the Universe. It is like a nervous system of the Universe, an Universal Lightgrid. Permanently the human being is connected again to the Lightgrid from now on. He is provided all the way with energy, light and information. Therefore he can experience an acceleration and evolution on his life path.

I am eager to accompany you a few steps on your journey to your self, so you may discover your own strength, your potential, your most inner essence.