Distant Healing

In case you or your Loved ones are living too far away from Stuttgart, Distant Reconnective Healing is offered by me as well. It is at least as intense as a local session in my office.

We all are linked to an existing “Zero point field” or “field”, where we are all connected with each other. This field holds unlimited possibilities and potentials. There are no more barriers in space and time. The Quantum field operates beyond space and time.

Who should consider distant healing?

  • For Children who are restless or weak and unable to lay down on an unfamiliar bench / bank.
  • Seriously ill or bedridden people.
  • People that are on their way to cross over. The process of that transformation will occur more mild and more peaceful with Reconnective Healing.
  • For yourself, for instance in the evening before you go to sleep, or early morning the time you wake up.
  • Before an exam, a job interview, a challenging situation or an operation.
  • Or for dear people you love, who would never consider and go for this new way of healing.(*)

(*) You do not need the permission of the other person. There will be no intervention into the free will of the person. The human beings freedom is ALWAYS acknowledged and respected. There will be only so much healing and balance happening, as much as the person is willing to receive at that specific time. This is the particular quality of Reconnective Healing.




The Higher Intelligence and Love of the Universe (God, Source of All that IS) gives the receiver the exact dose he needs.

I am only the door opener, my Ego steps back and the Universal Love takes over.
Eric Pearl: “Do you ask someone for permission if you want to pray for him?”

How do we proceed with distant healing?

We agree to a certain time. Five minutes before the healing session starts, I will call you and ask you if all is o.k. and if it is alright to start now. You sit down comfortably in a chair or on a couch or lay on your bed and close your eyes. Please take care nobody is going to disturb you (!). Listen now with all your senses, like a baby, relaxed and open for whatever gifts the all-embracing Love and Intelligence of the Universe wants to bring you…

The healing session will last approx. 30 minutes (sometimes even longer). After the healing session you can call me and share, what happened to you and what you experienced. But if you want to, you can call me the following day as well – or whenever/ however you feel an impulse to do so.

The balance is € 99.-