First impressions with Reconnection


In November 2010 I ordered Eric Pearl’s book: ” The Reconnection, Heal Others, Heal Yourself “. By reading my body got charged with energy. It trembled, tingled and there was a flow starting from the hands and feet.

I was fascinated by the immediate charging. There was no fear as I just knew: ” This is real, truthful and ingenious. I want to work with this!” I was prepared flying to the United States to learn it. It took place in Hamburg even, so I was releaved.

Ever since I am working with Reconnection. I consider it a great gift for mankind within these times of change and transformation.

There are just two conditions humans are in: Fearbased thinking – being connected

Eric Pearl distuingishes sharply between the two also.

I myself was involved with this topic, as I lived in fear for dekades ( without even recognizing it concsiously…). When it became unbearable, I asked for help – I experienced a realm of infinit love, comfort, safety, joy – all magnificence, you can imagine, but impossible to put in words.


FuelleIt IS THERE ALWAYS, WAS THERE AND WILL BE THERE. It’s beyond time and space. There is no more excuse being anxious about anything any more. SOURCE is with me in a good way. After this experience I just knew: I don’t have to be afraid any more. I don’t have to suffer and sacrifice myself in a selfless way ( what I adapted from my mother ). I AM heir of the Source of infinit LOVE, ABUNDANCE and JOY.

Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection gentle guide people back in connection.