Birgit, Würtele

I grew up in a large “Swabian “family in Esslingen/ Neckar and identified with the outlook on life the way I had been raised. I somehow never felt understood, of no importance and lonely. Imprisoned in my own body. My craving for freedom, purpose, joy and love was immense.

I started to explore new ways by following the impulses of my heart. More and more my horizon opened up. I studied Bothmer-Movement, Pressel- Massage and Reflexology. I learned and understood that the body wants to be respected and loved. All the three methods I taught and practised in Germany and abroad (England, Egypt and Sinai).

Now, I am a mother of two grown children.

In the year 2010 I came across Reconnection via Internet. Immediately I was fascinated and started to read Eric Pearl’s book. Even by reading it, unknown energies started to stream through my body. Very motivated I decided to attend Eric Pearl’s seminars. Ever since I am working with these all encompassing energies of light and information.
Reconnection opens up a completely new dimension of healing and being. It has nothing to do with learning a specific technique. Reconnection can lead you to your true essence, which is pure love.

I would love to accompany you on this journey for a while.